SMART Brabus petrol Engine:

Characteristics Qualities and Differentiators:

Innovative car- engine with direct injection and turbo- technology, means no Choke and no loss of power in higher altitudes; as well as no danger of icing for the carburetor

Highest Reliability and Safety due to use of original MERCEDES-Engine without any technical change (with the exception of the Control-Unit, with has a higher standard (MIL) and has been build “redundant”)

Conclusive Flight Performance Parameters in combination with lower weight (around about 4 kg less than standard engine 100hp)

Low Consumption: 9 litre/hour; opens the possibility of an extreme cruising range. Compareable engines uses 16 litre/hour and more

Comfort like a car-engine as a result of a well performing automatic control of cooling- and heating –system (even at –10 degrees C no taping of cooler necessary, no freezing in an always warm cockpit)

FlyEco Proudly presents as a distribution partner from ECOFLY the SMART Brabus Flight- Engine.


engine Smart Diesel Smart Brabus
Number of Zylinders 3 3
Zylinder Capacity 799 qcm 999 qcm
Power 80 HP (58,8 KW) 102 HP (75 KW)
max. Torque 130 Nm 147 Nm
max. Revolutions 3800 rpm 5800 rpm
Fuels Diesel, Jet A-1 Petrol
Injection Common Rail Direct Injection Direct Injection
Weight (without frame) 89 kg 79 kg
Cockpit-Display CAN-Bus Multi-Instrument CAN-Bus Multi-Instrument
Clutch Centrifugal Clutch (shift 1500 rpm) Centrifugal Clutch (shift 1800 rpm)
Gear (Gear ratio) Tooth Belt Drive (1:1,79, 1:1,50) Tooth Belt Drive (1:2,2)